The naked body scanners???

A fren just sent me this link, about 1hr ago, Digital Penetration Invasion of the naked body scanners. Now when I first saw this I thought it was some comic strip thingie. Nope.. the shit is real…. an x-ray machine that see through clothing!!! So now the security people can see ALL that you have to offer.

The government needs to look under your clothes. Ceramic knives, plastic guns, and liquid explosives have made metal detectors obsolete. Carry-on bags are X-rayed, so the safest place to hide a weapon is on your body.

Now it doesn’t even matter if you wear clean under garments when you travel.. just wear whatever hell you please.. eight way they are going to see EVERYTHING!! This brings a whole new meaning to “Big Brother is watching you”


One Response to “The naked body scanners???”

  1. now that.. is interesting. lol. ahh man i’m never traveling again. then again i might meet a really hot chick this way.. hmmmm

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