Dog Parent….

You know I’ve always stated I never liked dogs…. I still don’t. As a matter of fact I don’t really like animals on a whole. If I write that can SOMEONE please tell me why the hell I took these 2 dogs to the doctor? When I’ m not even taking myself to the doctors, believe me, I need to ’cause my blood pressure isn’t getting any better on average it’s 152/103.

Since Streaks, the female, wasn’t really eating i was……… dare i say worried over the bitch?!?!?! Granted Streaks was not Midnight (my dog…. still feels weired saying it) but she has started to grow on me. I had my sister follow me to the vet.. she wanted to take streaks from day one to get vaccinated but i sort  of talked her out of it since she is a true mongrel. There was no way I can have one dog get sick on me on the other be fine. Make a long story short the little Dr. visit cost me about $2,500 I had to double up on everything… GRRRRRRR. I dont know if it’s mind over matter BUT Streaks seems to almost be herself again, but she still not really eating. She does fight with Midnight like the two  of them are the same size. Midnight is twice her size…. that doesn’t mean she backs down one bit though she fights with him like they are one. I must say though it does seem healthy when the dogs have another dog to mess with.

Taking care of a dog is alot of work… I can imagine if I really wanted the dog as a pet!!!! LAAAAWWWDDD the pressure that would be. Right now to clean out the kennel and feed them twice a day is killing me.

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One Response to “Dog Parent….”

  1. yeah.. i worry about sky everyday when i go to work cause she doesn’t have another dog as company.. i think i might shell out some more cash on another shitzu if anything.

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