Beryl is soooo easy now!!!

Ok I remember a few months ago.. to get Beryl (aka compiz) up and running on one of my *nix boxes took some time and some tinkering. NOW they went and made the installation of beryl easy as…….. running a simple shell script.

I was wondering the other day how come SOOO much ppl were finally using beryl now. As i browsed around a little I found my answer right on the Beryl wiki page.

Here is somethign i saw on YouTube showing a few of the differences with Vista and Beryl/compiz.

Vista looks nice… BUT it still has some way to go before catching up to what Beryl can do. Opensource can be sooo cool at times. 😀

I must add though.. with all the beryl prettiness it is nice BUT after awhile…that is all it is… is pretty. The transparency can come in handy for all the programmers out there though.

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3 Responses to “Beryl is soooo easy now!!!”

  1. today i’ll be able to get online with my notebook so hopefully this works for me (beryl) withmy ati card. I need to fix my wifi tho.. else i’ms screwed royally.

  2. easy you say… it still doesn’t work. everything is install.. the computer moves buggy like beryl is installed (meaning kinda slouchy) but it wont use beryl as the window manager it falls back to metacity

  3. Sorry to hear it is not wrkign for u.
    But i have a MAC machine I mess with at work I’m going to install Ubuntu via Parallels and see if Beryl will work in a virtual environment?!?!

    Should be interesting.

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