I Upgraded again… :D

Ok, I know we should leave well enough alone BUT I could not help it. I saw there was a updated firmware for my MDA. Some would have just said why bother….. What do u think I did?

I upgraded of course 😀 Here are some screenshots of the OS

Some Screenshots of WM6

So far they have fixed the D-pad problem with the dialer, the Z and J keyboard mixup… and a slew of other things.

I just have to add my ring tones and ewallet and I should be ready to go. It comes with PPCBckpContacts v.1.6, A tool that creates backups of your outlook Contacts and restores them if your DB is corrupt or lost.

Added to the ROM;

Extended_rom added and fully working
Poket RAR
Windows live mail set to download double of the current size email.
Windows live/voice command –by default
Camera 3.3 fully working
Media files support added plus new gif engine
New com manager –With option to turn IR on/of!!!
All wireless’ security profiles support added
HTC X [press and old to close activated]
Flash player 7
Java v11.1.7.1023
New Sim services app [stk]
Phone pad T9 [English ant Portuguese only] others dlls languages can be supplied upon request.
Sim card manager v 5.22
Replaced BT stereo profile with 3.3
Windows live search uk and US
Office mobile new layout

Registry mods;

4 ways navigation added
File explorer set to view all files
AD2P set to stereo
AD2P bit pool set to 60
Different gprs icon
Bypassed welcome screen [no more copy and paste]
Wireless today plug in and redirect app
Mms folder activated
Disabled Microsoft feedback
Time zones change page activated
Disabled ussd service
Disabled error reporting
Faria Clear type font
Cab set to not delete after install
Gprs bubble timer and disconnect button
Internet explorer Java support
Gprs workaround fix
Time zone page on and checked
GPS icon on
Clear type on, landscape and internet explorer
Obex on
GPS com port fix
One line time in today [not lvm]
Internet cache moved to storage card
Time in all pages
Wireless 54g support added
Wireless preload status on upon boot.

This is some of the stuff that was done to the rom. If you are interested in thisrom… you should know where to look…. Google is your fren. IF you need any help I’ll point you in the right direction 🙂

Look at that though… 54G support from your PHONE?!?!?1 You tech people out there MUST admit that is kewl. Well enough blogging.. time to set up back mi phone.

Faria…. BIG respect for yet ANOTHER great rom… for my MDA/ QTEK 9100 !!

Faria Crossbow


One Response to “I Upgraded again… :D”

  1. hmm to upgrade or not to upgrade….. that is the question

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