Sanjaya…. NEEDS to go!!!

I watch American Idol.. I took a hiatus from it last year but i needed some comic relief. Auditions are over and they so-called weeded out the better singers. I watched the episode when Sanjaya and his sister Shyamali auditioned and they never sounded that bad.Shyamali and Sanjaya That was then and this is now…. Shyamali is gone 😦 and Sanjaya is still missing the gauntlet week after week. What do people see in this guy?!?!?! After wathcing him for a few weeks i have placed him a the “Decent Bathroom Singer” This yute sounds bad!!! I would NEVER try to ‘buy’ his album. I think it was Monday or Tuesday when he performed with this idol_sajaya_1.png…. I don’t even know what kind of hair style to call it. As i look on it I guess you can call it mohawk.idol_sajaya_2.png

What is it that is keeping this go on my TV?!?!?! I guess some females would say the 17 yo looks good BUT dammit man.. his is messing up my ear drums!!! Come on people let this go go home with his family and sister next week.

We need to make room for Latecia, Melinda and Jordin. There are others i like but i think for the final 3 it may be these 3… i guess we’ll see.


3 Responses to “Sanjaya…. NEEDS to go!!!”

  1. Hmmm, I’m not an american idol fan……………………….

  2. Sanjaya was cool. Singing wise is another story but classmates of mine keep saying that Sanjaya reminds dem of Michael Jackson….hmmmm lol…yep

    Didn’t know what to quite make of that but hey *shrugs*

    Sanjaya making alot of tv appearances though, gettin’ paper


  3. I guess you are right… but at the point they were at in American Idol he needed to go. He had/has a certain personality that he was able to ride the wave of. I think he’ll make it somewhere…. just not major singing?!? 😀

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