Torrent Machine up…. again :D

I was tired of having Slimmers, slimmers.jpg, just sitting there doing nothing. At one point i took the hard drive out and had it walking around in a ext. case. That never lasted to long. I decided to put it back into commission. I’m going to use it as a webserver, ldap authentication, torrentflux-b4rt, asterisk, and some other stuff.

I found this derivative, torrentflux-b4rt, of torrentflux that seems nice. I was having some problems with torrentflux when it comes to seeding so i was slowly losing interest in it. I lost so much interest in it i ened up loading up utorrent in vmware windows and doing alot of torrent stuff in that sandbox instead of it being on a separate machine. As i sit here and write this i think i’ll even use this to continue my irc downloading….. screen and be ur very best fren when needed 😀

I want to mess with apache some more and iptables… until i can get a case and power supply for a board an chip i have sitting here. Slimmers will have to be the guinea pig.

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3 Responses to “Torrent Machine up…. again :D”

  1. hmm.. odd I’ve never had trouble with torrentflux before. all functions work.. the only flalw is the web based app will never be able to associate with the filetype. thats why i’m loving deluge right now. but it needs more work dammit.. hpe the kid doesn’t stop also just to pointt out. .you can select the files out of a torrent pack you wanna dl with deluge. select the torrent then select the files tab below.. and uncheck what you dont wwant.

  2. Well u have to remember it is a web app… u can’t (not to my knowledge) have a torrent file open a specific web page and start a process. The torrent file would probably have to have some added features to allow that.
    Deluge is kewl…. i’ll use it for the 400mb and below files. Since I’ve joined a few registered torrent sites i need to keep my seed ratio up…. and for some reason torrentflux would not seed for too long. 😦
    I just installed this derivative i;ll give it a go for a few weeks… but so far I like it better than the original.

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