Monitoring Like a mad man…..


I’ve been working on some SNMP stuff at work lately for monitoring and some other things. I’ve never really thought to much about SNMP until i really had to work with it. It’s not too bad, it can give u some info on the machine u may manage at work or even home (if ur that geeky :D) Just for some of those who may visit m this blog:

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application protocol offering network management services in the Internet Protocol suite.

I’ll admit though this may be to much for my little network but it’ll be kewl to have and learn something new in the process.

Since we use OpenNMS I decided to try another monitoring software; of course it was opensource. Zenoss was my choice, but tell you the truth I can’t really tell you WHY I tried it. Installation was somewhat of a pain… not a major pain.. but pain all the same.

It was supposed to be a easy install… run a script and a way it goes. The first snag I came across was:

File “usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/DocumentTemplate/”, line 18, in <module>
AttributeError: ‘wrapper_descriptor’ object has no attribute ‘im_func’

Which I later found out was because I was using Python 2.5 which zenoss does not support as yet.

zenoss@nucleus:~/zenoss-1.1.1$ python -V
Python 2.5.1c1

So a simple purge of 2.5 and installation of 2.4 fixed that snag.

import zdaemon.zdctl
File “usr/local/zenoss/lib/python/zdaemon/”, line 47, in <module>
ImportError: No module named cmd
unable to start Zeo object database

All now I’m not exactly sure WHAT was going on here but a wipe of the install directory cleared that right up 😀 . One other thing the Instructions tell you to modify your .bashrc and /etc/suders, when u do edit those files.. log out and log back in, if you don’t and you run the install script you’ll probably end up with:

PYTHONPATH and ZENHOME need to be added to the env_keep list in /etc/suders
The following works as the content of /etc/sudoers on most Linux platforms:
Defaults env_reset
Defaults env_keep = “PYTHONPATH ZENHOME”
zenoss ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/local/zenoss/bin/python,/usr/bin/kill
sudo check complete

After which it best you STILL go ahead and reinstall if you want to be error free.


3 Responses to “Monitoring Like a mad man…..”

  1. lol snmp and monitoring is a pain in general.

    I have given up trying to find a good snmp manager and wrote one in c using the net-snmp api just to do what I need.. generate availability reports

    I have also started to write other modules for it to log cpu and maybe one day ill get it to capture disk data, if only I had some free time 😦

  2. I cant program worth a SHIT!!! So i’m going to have to use what i see out there. Props to you though 😀

  3. Yatta,

    I hate to hear you had trouble with the Zenoss installation, would love to know what OS and version you were installing on? Drop me a line would be glad to help you out if I can.

    Zenoss Community Manager

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