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Tuesdays won’t be the same again….

Posted in General on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 by Yatta

Well at least for another few months again that is. The 2 shows that I watch 24 vlcsnap-523299.png and Heroes vlcsnap-520147.pngare now complete :-(. You may be saying “Tuesday’s????…. those two shows come on Monday nights??” Ok.. you got me… I don’t watch the shows on cable… I rarely do.. I wait a few hours and watch them commercial free.

I would have to say 24 was the better season finale of the 2. Basically throughout the run of this great series Jack has acquired the name ‘Superman’ if you’ve some of the gun scenes in this series you would know why I say that. Moving on though the end of season 6 opened a few doors for some interesting things to come next season. This season finale of 24 really gave Jack some empathy…. I mean I know you can luv your country BUT Jack has taken it to a WHOLE new level… where emotions have no place to reside. In the last scene we see Bauer finally break down and wonder WHY no one ever came for him. I won’t really spoil the ending to much for those who haven’t watched it…. but if you want a action packed, suspense and thriller filled show!!!! 24 is for you!!!!

Now on to Heroe’s I have mixed feelings about this show. At first I just thought only a few people had powers, as the show progressed basically the WHOLE world population has powers. With that said the show lost points right there for me. The season finale seemed like it was rushed some sort of way… like they noticed that they had a few loose ends and rushed to try clear them up. It seems like Sylar is still alive… and that we have even a bigger villian. Granted I don’t really think Sylar is a ‘evil’ guy he’s just SERIOUSLY messed up in the head. 😀

“The future is not written in stone”

As of right now the only thing I look forward to watching is The Shield which i THINK comes on Tuesday’s.


Blue Mountain Trek…. What can I say?!?!

Posted in Health, Personal on Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by Yatta

start_hike.jpgA fren of mine, we’ll name Kay, approached me a few weeks ago inviting on a blue

mountain hike. At the time i never did really respond to her with a yes or no, eventually i said yes. Why did I say yes?!?! The only reason I could think of why I said yes was so that I could also have my own stories about Blue Mountain… yea a little selfish but HEY it’s the truth, also I wanted to see what this Blue Mountain was all about. I’ve hiked before in my days, and it wasn’t that bad, so i figured since I walk like 3-4 times a week on my hill I was ready for this…. WRONG!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh so VERY wrong.

I’ll admit some of my frens warned me about the bag I was taking with me, it was a big bag but a HIKING bag I had food and change of clothes to kill. As you’ll see from the pics I’ll post later on the bag weighed about 30-40lbs. Yes I was a flipping MAD man. The time was set on Friday that we would meet @ like 7:30pm.. but as usual BP time took into effect.. 9:15 is when we actually left. There was like 26 in all that hiked together let me say 26 of us made it back safely. I was the only one with a sizeable bag, that should have been my 3rd sign that something was amiss. Nope… I never took the warning and paid dearly for it.

Of course walking UP the hill/mountain was a trek to dread…. the best thign they made us do was walk in the night. Some of my companions said the reason we walked in the night was because no one wants to walk the hill in the sun hot… which is understandable. If you ask me that is NOT the only reason…. while walking BACK down.. I saw some holes, trenches we went through that I know damn well I would never walk through it if I actually SAW what I was going through. As i think back on the trip i wish i took more pics of the trail.. but man.. I was so worried that I was going to break a few things the good Lord gave me taking pictures were no where on my mind.

Here are some pics in my photo album you can have a look at and see the ‘fun’ i was having. Blue Mountain Hike Pictures

Snmp…up an running properly

Posted in General on Friday, May 11, 2007 by Yatta

After leaving Zenoss alone for a few days due to work and other reasons i started at it again early this week. My initial problem was that I could not walk my 2 linux boxes (both ubuntu) I was able to walk my window machines but not nix.

Maybe i may need to be a little clearer… I was able to walk the nix machine but only locally. After pulling the little hair i do have i ran:

netstat -an| grep 161

If  you do just netstat -an alone you’ll get a fullscreen of information

What i saw was:

 udp        0      0   *

THAT was/is the damn problem…. snmp was only listening to loopback. On a redhat based system it listens to everythning be default, why Ubuntu wanted to be different/special I have no clue. I had to edit /etc/default/snmpd and change

SNMPDOPTS=’-Lsd -Lf /dev/null -u snmp -I -smux -p /var/run/ ‘’


SNMPDOPTS=’-Lsd -Lf /dev/null -u snmp -I -smux -p /var/run/ -a’

Restart snmpd and everything was good to go.. 😀 Every now and then I keep  being reminded that with linux READING is FUNDAMENTAL!!! 😀

Sunset Beach Resort… not bad….

Posted in Personal on Thursday, May 3, 2007 by Yatta

This past weekend found me in a all inclusive resort for the first time…. ok let me rephrase that; a all inclusive resort that I paid for, for myself. A couple of old past co-workers and I set up a little get together that found us in Mobay at the SunsetBeach Resort. It wasn’t too bad… maybe I wasn’t able to relax as much as I would have liked to but it was pleasing. They had a little water park WaterPark which was nice to play in. I’ll create a photo album and place some pics in there of my trip.

I was SUPPOSED to be watching my weight but come on people…. how can you go to a ALL-INCLUSIVE place and not EAT?!?! I know damn well I could not. Granted don’t let me first plate of food fool you :D. This is what i ate the first night there…. Can you imagine after not really eating ANYTHING to substantial for the whole day… look what i eat @ 7pm!!!Sample Dinner Ok.. OK…. That was round one… The dinner that night never really held me (take a look at the dinner plate).. so desert made up for it. I had cheese cake, rum cake, ice cream, I’ll leave it at that so i don’t sound too greedy.. 😀 That little plastic cup just WAS NOT going to cut it.. Luckily i had my trust Gatorade bottle… that I ended up using as my cup.

I’ll admit I acted ghetto style…. I brought food home from the resort… I had a cooler in the car/trunk. I had bacon, sausage hamburger, ham, french toast, etc……. yea I did it. But i did it covertly… 😀

It wasn’t planned initially that I would drive but some problem arose with the bus they were supposedly renting but it got in a car accident so we ended up renting one car. Rent one car and I drive my car… Going on this trip has told me that my VW is in need of a tune up 😦 why u may ask?? Because the pickup/ acceleration of the car just wasn’t really there. I’m past my speedy gonzalez days BUT I like to know IF need a little pickup I can get it.

Here is a Idle pic i took with my sister’s camera while at the resort.what-u-talkinbout.jpg

Been that long??!?!

Posted in Personal on Wednesday, May 2, 2007 by Yatta

Sheesh, I’ve never noticed I haven’t updated my blog in a few days. Well my birthday was the 24th of April. Every now an then when i notice how old i am i say.. DAMN!!!!! I don’t feel like 31… not that i know what 31 should feel like, but i’m no longer part of the young hip crowd :-(. It’s kewl though … as they say  ur as young as you feel.

By Golly  I feel 25 :D….