Sunset Beach Resort… not bad….

This past weekend found me in a all inclusive resort for the first time…. ok let me rephrase that; a all inclusive resort that I paid for, for myself. A couple of old past co-workers and I set up a little get together that found us in Mobay at the SunsetBeach Resort. It wasn’t too bad… maybe I wasn’t able to relax as much as I would have liked to but it was pleasing. They had a little water park WaterPark which was nice to play in. I’ll create a photo album and place some pics in there of my trip.

I was SUPPOSED to be watching my weight but come on people…. how can you go to a ALL-INCLUSIVE place and not EAT?!?! I know damn well I could not. Granted don’t let me first plate of food fool you :D. This is what i ate the first night there…. Can you imagine after not really eating ANYTHING to substantial for the whole day… look what i eat @ 7pm!!!Sample Dinner Ok.. OK…. That was round one… The dinner that night never really held me (take a look at the dinner plate).. so desert made up for it. I had cheese cake, rum cake, ice cream, I’ll leave it at that so i don’t sound too greedy.. 😀 That little plastic cup just WAS NOT going to cut it.. Luckily i had my trust Gatorade bottle… that I ended up using as my cup.

I’ll admit I acted ghetto style…. I brought food home from the resort… I had a cooler in the car/trunk. I had bacon, sausage hamburger, ham, french toast, etc……. yea I did it. But i did it covertly… 😀

It wasn’t planned initially that I would drive but some problem arose with the bus they were supposedly renting but it got in a car accident so we ended up renting one car. Rent one car and I drive my car… Going on this trip has told me that my VW is in need of a tune up 😦 why u may ask?? Because the pickup/ acceleration of the car just wasn’t really there. I’m past my speedy gonzalez days BUT I like to know IF need a little pickup I can get it.

Here is a Idle pic i took with my sister’s camera while at the resort.what-u-talkinbout.jpg

4 Responses to “Sunset Beach Resort… not bad….”

  1. nice! I’m jealous 😦

    I need some r&r up there too, maybe next time I take off some leave.

  2. I must say it wasn’t too bad… I just wished i never had to drive though 🙂
    Could have made some pre-trouble … heheheh

  3. nice.. hard work deserves some slacking off.. good stuff. oh.. like the new theme btw.

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