Tuesdays won’t be the same again….

Well at least for another few months again that is. The 2 shows that I watch 24 vlcsnap-523299.png and Heroes vlcsnap-520147.pngare now complete :-(. You may be saying “Tuesday’s????…. those two shows come on Monday nights??” Ok.. you got me… I don’t watch the shows on cable… I rarely do.. I wait a few hours and watch them commercial free.

I would have to say 24 was the better season finale of the 2. Basically throughout the run of this great series Jack has acquired the name ‘Superman’ if you’ve some of the gun scenes in this series you would know why I say that. Moving on though the end of season 6 opened a few doors for some interesting things to come next season. This season finale of 24 really gave Jack some empathy…. I mean I know you can luv your country BUT Jack has taken it to a WHOLE new level… where emotions have no place to reside. In the last scene we see Bauer finally break down and wonder WHY no one ever came for him. I won’t really spoil the ending to much for those who haven’t watched it…. but if you want a action packed, suspense and thriller filled show!!!! 24 is for you!!!!

Now on to Heroe’s I have mixed feelings about this show. At first I just thought only a few people had powers, as the show progressed basically the WHOLE world population has powers. With that said the show lost points right there for me. The season finale seemed like it was rushed some sort of way… like they noticed that they had a few loose ends and rushed to try clear them up. It seems like Sylar is still alive… and that we have even a bigger villian. Granted I don’t really think Sylar is a ‘evil’ guy he’s just SERIOUSLY messed up in the head. 😀

“The future is not written in stone”

As of right now the only thing I look forward to watching is The Shield which i THINK comes on Tuesday’s.


4 Responses to “Tuesdays won’t be the same again….”

  1. yeah.. heroes ended kinda odd.

  2. I will check out 24 and see what it is all about

  3. If you’re going to watch it… make sure you watch it from Season 1

  4. will do loaded up a phat torrent of the entire season one

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