Backup gone wrong….

I’m not sure about some of you guys out there… but every so often I reinstall my windows PC, just to try an keep it running smoothly. If you ask my you can reg clean and do all sort’s of madness to TRY an keep it in tip top shape but…. you end up falling short. So about every 5-8months I wipe my windows machine to get it ready for a fresh start. That time has come. I don’t have any windows machine per say that I use at home too much, the three I have running are all *nix boxes with one being able to dual boot to WinXP. The machine I planned on re-doing was my work laptop it just moving sluggish… and freezing every now an then for some unknown reason. So what better thing to do an wipe it an start from a fresh slate.

The drama started when a fren gave me a hard drive to check for him… after a rain/lightning storm it’s been acting up. Well i plugged it in machines said it needed a format…. so just like any normal tech… I formated it. My overly hyped tech ego stopped right there… since i was able to read/ write to it I figured everything was okay. I Popped in Digiwiz Minipe shared the drive and copied away……..

I noticed I copied and MOVED some files.. THAT was the wrong thign to do with a drive that is questionable :-(. You guessed it… I got an error msg while copying some stuff stating that the resource was unavailable. I just restarted the machine… low an behold machine is telling me that the hard drive needs to be formatted. I just kissed mi teeth and turned it off. About 30minutes later i decided to work on a document for work…. I never saw the directory??? Something told me to look at some other files work related GONE!!! At this time I was like SHIT! So I brought up back the other machine to search that drive and see if the directories are there…. nothing shit still telling me that it needs to format. Now I REALLY could not afford for those files to be missing/deleted. So i fetched my little must have techie CD’s Hiren’s BootCD, UBCD and Techie’z Toolkit ver2 (ver3 is out but I don’t have it yet)

Most of these apps on these CS’d brought up the information on the drive, unlike windows or Bartpe/MiniPE, but something was still wrong. Some of them never dealt to well with long filenames 😦 , I could not bear that (yea I’m lazy like that) There were 2 programs that came to the rescue, File Wizard 1.35 and Restoration 2.5.14.

File Wizard was able to read the Long filenames PLUS read the SATA drive in the same machine. It was either the various programs couldn’t deal with the LFN or never read the SATA drive that was in the machine.

Restoration was able to retrieve some files that were deleted from my system in perfect condition.

As of yesterday afternoon my system is back to normal, sort of, I’m missing some ‘personal’ files but I can easily get those back.

I never used a Linux RescueCD  which I should have tried but I still don’t fully trust the kernel with NTFS file systems, so i stuck with the evil I knew.

I think I shall start backup some of these files the SAN at the office. 😀


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  1. Hello,

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