Headlight gleaming!!!!

OK… bartergeek pointed me to this DIY: Polishing Plastic Headlights. Looking at my yellow headlights every morning was slowly getting me… why u ask? Mainly because it was slowly becoming one of those things that i would have to add to my To-Buy list. I really wasn’t feeling that too well. So coming upon this gem.. I decided to do it. Only snag I really came across was finding 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper, a regular hardware had everything else in stock but that. I ended up going to car care spot to get it. I only did one headlight…. this DIY takes too much work…. but I must agree I see the difference. (Leave your mouse over the pictures an wait for them to load… I think it looks better that way)

yellow_hl.jpgClean headlight

You may think it’s the way the light shines on the headslights but there is a big difference. I think if i REALLY put some serious elbow grease into it I would get it clearer. Tose pics are of left and right hand side of my car…. I did the passenger side (too tired to and was getting to dark to complete) and left the driver side. Maybe weekend I’ll finish them both up…. You can see the difference right?

4 Responses to “Headlight gleaming!!!!”

  1. yup I sure do see the difference

    wonder how long before the start yellowing again

  2. I see the difference too. Tell you what, you need to come do it to my car too! 🙂

  3. And everyone thought Yatta was just a techie….

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