What has been going on……..

As you can obviously tell I haven’t really been around to much… I’ve been online, just not blogging. Streaks, the mongrel looking one behind Midnight, was put to sleep last week Tuesday. She never really got any shots so it seems like she picked up some virus that left her with loose bowels and foaming at the mouth every now an then. Don’t get me wrong I took her the vet an everything but when they told me they would have to admit her and that it would be JA $6,000 (US 1$ = JA $67) deposit I asked if there was anything else that could be done. They said well you can put her to sleep…. there I was with a small situation:

1. Admit her to the vetinary clinic for waaaay to much money not knowing for sure she will be okay

2. Save the money and use it for slightly more important stuff. (not saying she wasn’t important but not approximately $10,0000worth

I took the cheaper road…. sorry for you animal lovers … I paid the JA $1,000and put her to sleep. So Midnight is here by himself acting liek he was always the only dog. I must admit I kind of feel it for him… him nuh have nuh bitch inna di yaad again.

Old ChairMy desk chair of over 10 years has decided to slowly breakdown 😦 Whoooaa is me. Look how close to the ground I am now, decent chairs are EXPENSIVE!!!! What’s a brother to do?!?! Buy a new flippin’ chair.

Moving on to BabyFace IV, aka VW Bora 2002, don’t worry or start to fret it’s okay….. somewhat. I just happen to be driving around with a busted master brake cylinder 😦 which means I’m driving up and down my hill with no DECENT brakes. Right about now I’m thinking about parking it until I get the brake cylinder really can’t afford to hit anyone or crash.


5 Responses to “What has been going on……..”

  1. Did they mention Parvo to you? If so, trust me, you did the right thing! Hardly any pups that get it survive. I had a little pup recently, it got it and I tried spending the money because I’m fool like that and now I am out about CI$600! (Thats like J$50,000) 😮
    Me did shock when the bills dem lick! Nuh even try it, mastah!

  2. sorry bout the dog. did what you thought was needed. um the chair lol. sorry bout that too thats gotta suck. i use my laptop on my bed so no problems like that;

  3. MB: I think it was Parvo they said it was. $50G’s!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL NO!!! I’m sorry…. hehehehe

  4. the desk chairs that our mom use are always leather based instead of using cloth covers’.’

  5. when using desk chairs, i would always prefer to use wood instead of plastic desk chairs -~:

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