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Posted in Computers & Internet on Tuesday, July 31, 2007 by Yatta

QNextI just came across Qnext which is another IM client. At first glance it reminds me of Pownce, but as I look around I notice a few differences.

Qnext MyPC – Like a remote control for ur PC (perfect for those frens who just don’t understand how to follow certain instructions) Just take over the PC and show them EXACTLY what to do.

Qnext File Transferring – ” move any type of file of any size to anyone… … Qnext takes the direct route and sends your files directly from you to your recipient, so you can send 100 MB or even Gigabytes worth of files” Pownce gives you a certain file size limit

Of course you can import all your contacts from Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ.. i heard GTalk shuold be implemented in the next release.

Looking over the site it does seem like I shall give this thing a try. Try it out an tell me what u guys think. In a couple of days I’ll write a small review…

Another quick note… it works on Windows, *nix and Mac.


Messenger Not bad…

Posted in General on Wednesday, July 25, 2007 by Yatta

The other day I went to a fren’s house and noticed they were using Messenger Live and their message’s were in tabbed windows!!! I’ve been using gaim/pidgin for almost 3 years now and they have ALWAYS had tabbed windows, so this was a pleasant surprise when I saw MSN with it. Granted this functionality is because of a add-on program called Messenger Plus … sorry Messenger Plus Live!, what is it with MS an all this damn Live shit?!?!

I must state though the only reason I’m even using MSN Messenger is because of work, I want to keep my work contacts separate and apart from my personal contacts and everyone seems to be using MSN. I’ve always  preferred Yahoo to MSN but I guess since MSN is built into the OS most people are more than likely to create a account with it. Moving on…..

I also came across which includes a lot of free add-ons for messenger. Mainly the stuff on this page is the reason I’ve grown to like

P.S. I’vve been sitting on this blog for over 2 weeks now..

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