Messenger Not bad…

The other day I went to a fren’s house and noticed they were using Messenger Live and their message’s were in tabbed windows!!! I’ve been using gaim/pidgin for almost 3 years now and they have ALWAYS had tabbed windows, so this was a pleasant surprise when I saw MSN with it. Granted this functionality is because of a add-on program called Messenger Plus … sorry Messenger Plus Live!, what is it with MS an all this damn Live shit?!?!

I must state though the only reason I’m even using MSN Messenger is because of work, I want to keep my work contacts separate and apart from my personal contacts and everyone seems to be using MSN. I’ve always  preferred Yahoo to MSN but I guess since MSN is built into the OS most people are more than likely to create a account with it. Moving on…..

I also came across which includes a lot of free add-ons for messenger. Mainly the stuff on this page is the reason I’ve grown to like

P.S. I’vve been sitting on this blog for over 2 weeks now..

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2 Responses to “Messenger Not bad…”

  1. I just can’t seem to live yahoo messenger, guess it’s just a personal preference.

    I use mainly live messenger (with messenger plus of course) and googletalk.

  2. Then again I don’t use Yahoo Live… all of them are all sort of bloated, except for pidgin.
    Ohh I’m also giving Pownce a shot.

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