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Dash … my new phone

Posted in General on Thursday, August 30, 2007 by Yatta

Yes… I have changed my phone once again. I think I’ll be keeping this phone for awhile also. Granted it may not be that much of a upgrade from the T-Mobile MDA that I had but for the past 2 days I’ve been using it I don’t have that many qualms with it. If you do some research on this phone (Dash) it is essentially the more evolved descendent of the MDA. Some would ask me why the change; they have the same processor same camera resolution, same memory specs. Let me answer then… it was mainly the form factor. I found out the MDA was to much of a portable PC then I really needed. If i’m in front of my PC/laptop as often as I am i don’t really need a pocketPC. The nail the shut the coffin was when i really wanted to use the phone I had to slide it open an do what I wanted. At first it was all kewl an stuff but i guess that novelty died after a period of time.

My fren over from Windies Sports, brought the Dash to my attention. From using the a Treo, 9100, and MDA I realized that I prefer the qwerty on the front, since i input data in my phone alot it is easier to use. I’m noticing also that once you learn some of the keyboard shortcuts navigation is quite fast.

Let me point out also… the phone is encased in some form of black rubbery material, gives you the feeling that it won’t easily slip out of hand during normal use. Compared to the other phones I’ve had… this is by far the lightest!!

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I Missed You….

Posted in General on Monday, August 27, 2007 by Yatta

From August 19- 26 I’ve been in semi-torture!!! Seven COMPLETE days before I got back light, home was no longer “Home Sweet Home”. I could not sleep in my bed… mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. mosquito
  2. Bumbo #*&^% Heat

As I would lay on my bed I would start to sweat like I did a 5 mile hike… if that wasn’t bad enuff the mosquitoes seemed to be taking part in a Keith Sweat concert near my ears. From Tuesday I would look outside and see little sections at a time of Kingston get back light. Every night I would go to my bed MISERABLE!!!! It reached a point where I put a cot on the veranda and slept outside, the cool breeze was wonderful, even if the cot wasn’t.
Sunday evening at approx. 8:10pm I saw a street light go on…. I was so ecstatic… but then it hit me… I have no light in my house?!?!?!? I turn to look in one of my neighbors direction they have light..kewl… I look in my other neighbor’s direction no light?!?!?! As I surveyed that area a little more i noticed none of the street lights on that end are on either. Now ain’t that some SHIT!!!!!!
Light came on below me, above me and also to the right of me… not a damn thing to the left of me?!?!! Can you say infuriated? I took 3 shirts out of closet and went down the road to a girlfren’s house and ironed.

My eyes began to water though as drove up my street to see LIGHT on in my room!!!!! I was able to use my FAN once again!!!!

Na na na ni boo boo mosquitoes!!!! I have my shield once again…. Muahhaaa……. (devilish snarl)

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Hurricane Dean has passed us….

Posted in General on Tuesday, August 21, 2007 by Yatta

Dean has passed Jamaica and has left us with quite a mess. If truth be told though Hurricane Ivan was worse…. granted Ivan wasn’t as strong as Dean but to me it caused more damage. Maybe I say that because this time i was in my room which is sort of sheltered from the outside world… I never saw a lot of things that was occurring outside.

It is now Tuesday August 21, 2007 I still have no water nor any light :-(. So by about 7pm I have to start using flashlight to get around my little room. Hopefully by about Thursday or so we get light back so i can start to sleep back in my room. Yes due to the no electricity thing I have been forced to sleep upstairs on the veranda where there is some extremely cooool breeze blowing, if the cot was more comfortable it would be the greatest!!!

Since there were no lights it was hectic driving on the road… no stop light so everyone feels they have the right away. I hope my fellow Caribbeans fare as much or better than we did. As i was driving on the road though I saw more broken tree limbs on the ground then i saw standing upright!!! I even saw some zinc i think that came from Meadowbrook High school wrapped around a JPS pole. Be it garbage collectors or soem other gov’t entity  they sure as hell have ALOT of wood to pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Please let this be the last hurricane for the season…

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Ain’t this a BITCH!!!!

Posted in Computers & Internet, Linux on Saturday, August 11, 2007 by Yatta

We’ve been having a quite a few rain showers with a WHOLE lot of lightning. About a year ago there was some heavy lightning that costed me a few headaches. I figured I learned my lesson from that time and started taking some precautions, I bought a decent UPS not just a powerstrip. This damn thing ran me about $5,000 JA!!!! Up to this point it has served me well… when JPS decides to act up I’m still up an running and that is with a 19 inch CRT monitor. I’ve never, at least don’t remember ever really testing the UPS but i do know it ran for a good 15mins one time.

Just like any other day I leave my stuff plugged in and go about my usual business. I’m at work I see rain a fall like mad… with lightning right behind it. Later on in the day I got a call from my father asking why the net is down I told him probably the UPS hasn’t turned back on (day before my mother had to go in my room an turn on the UPS). I reach home i see most of the lights that are supposed to be on the various devices on except……. my 4-port SpeedTouch Modem. Long story short, adapter for the modem fine.. modem not. Nooooo it had to go beyond that. I turn on my pc BlAcKtOwEr everythign seems fine boots up fine…. i go to login no key’s on the keyboard working. I figure is just the KVM acting up so i fiddle around with the plugs restart PC same thing. I found out that night that PC got hosed also… PS/2 ports gone… LAN port gone…. one of the USB ports gone!!!! We all know how useful a *nix machine is without a NIC :-(. Good thing is though is that the 2 front USB ports work fine I just have to use a USB keyboard/mouse. After plugging in a extra NIC i had for in my pfSense machine BlAcKtOwEr is up an running albeit slightly crippled.
I’m kewl since my machines are back in working order…. somewhat. After turning on everything an taking a final assement of what is what here is what I found:

1. Motherboard bad
2. KVM bad (not sure bout the cables)
3. PS/2 Keyboard bad
4. Slimbay GONE (not sure on the 2.5 HD in it as yet, have to get back my enclosure) This little bugger has served me well!!! it shall be greatly missed.

I’m thinking the surge came in via the phone line; that was the only thing was not protected. In coming in that way it went rhough the LAN ports of the modem to my various PC’s. I’ve tried putting my phone line through the UPS but when i do that I lose line sync, yes i have DSL… Flow hasn’t reached my area as yet :-(. I’m not sure what I’m going to do so I don’t have a repeat of this in the current rain season or even next year. I really don’t want to make this a tradition.

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Heroe’s on the way back…

Posted in General on Monday, August 6, 2007 by Yatta

I was doing a little surfing when I found this tidbit of news

The show returns for its second season on Sept. 24 and will air in the
same timeslot, Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (NBC is owned by NBC Universal,
which also owns SCIFI.COM.)

So I guess we won’t have to wait too long to see what is what. I think a number of use never really liked how the first season ended. Let’s hope they start off with bang with season 2.
BTW… has anyone been reading the Heroes Graphic Novels??

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Posted in General on Sunday, August 5, 2007 by Yatta

I must have tried this thing twice…. one of the major flaws I had with it was that it was java!!! it took up more resources than pidgin. I guess  it may be kewl for the new kids on the block… it just not me. But it does look pretty 😀

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HiAce — Gone

Posted in General on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 by Yatta

After living at this house for over 14 years.. we had our first major break-in. The same Sunday I went on vacation  that night the shadow ‘owners’ of my father’s Toyota Hiace retrieved thier so-called property.  I guess it was just a matter of time. Alot of people in this area have been robbed…. but we were one of the lucky few the bandits just skipped over. Maybe they thought we felt left out… like we never felt like we were a part of the group….. mi rass!!! We were one of the very first few people to move into this area.. i think there may have been like 4 other families, it wasn;t much though. Now I don’t even know 1/4 of the people up here. Moving on.

Whoever took the van knew exactly what they were coming for…. they cut all the wire to the gate opener and also took out some studs for the said opener. When my sister called my 5:30am Monday morning I had a few choiced words for her (5:30 and I”m not home!!!) she was lucky though… the first thing she said was .. “dem tief da van” Obviously that got my attention. Long story real short.. seems like they cam efor the van in the early morning….

I think I may be really lucky I wasn’t home that  morning though, if I was I probably would have came outside to see what all the commotion was about; especially with Midnight barking like a mad mad.  I’ll just count that as a blessing. I just hope my father hurry up an fix the gate…. I’m tired of pushing and pulling that damn gate every morning and evening 😦