HiAce — Gone

After living at this house for over 14 years.. we had our first major break-in. The same Sunday I went on vacation  that night the shadow ‘owners’ of my father’s Toyota Hiace retrieved thier so-called property.  I guess it was just a matter of time. Alot of people in this area have been robbed…. but we were one of the lucky few the bandits just skipped over. Maybe they thought we felt left out… like we never felt like we were a part of the group….. mi rass!!! We were one of the very first few people to move into this area.. i think there may have been like 4 other families, it wasn;t much though. Now I don’t even know 1/4 of the people up here. Moving on.

Whoever took the van knew exactly what they were coming for…. they cut all the wire to the gate opener and also took out some studs for the said opener. When my sister called my 5:30am Monday morning I had a few choiced words for her (5:30 and I”m not home!!!) she was lucky though… the first thing she said was .. “dem tief da van” Obviously that got my attention. Long story real short.. seems like they cam efor the van in the early morning….

I think I may be really lucky I wasn’t home that  morning though, if I was I probably would have came outside to see what all the commotion was about; especially with Midnight barking like a mad mad.  I’ll just count that as a blessing. I just hope my father hurry up an fix the gate…. I’m tired of pushing and pulling that damn gate every morning and evening 😦


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