Ain’t this a BITCH!!!!

We’ve been having a quite a few rain showers with a WHOLE lot of lightning. About a year ago there was some heavy lightning that costed me a few headaches. I figured I learned my lesson from that time and started taking some precautions, I bought a decent UPS not just a powerstrip. This damn thing ran me about $5,000 JA!!!! Up to this point it has served me well… when JPS decides to act up I’m still up an running and that is with a 19 inch CRT monitor. I’ve never, at least don’t remember ever really testing the UPS but i do know it ran for a good 15mins one time.

Just like any other day I leave my stuff plugged in and go about my usual business. I’m at work I see rain a fall like mad… with lightning right behind it. Later on in the day I got a call from my father asking why the net is down I told him probably the UPS hasn’t turned back on (day before my mother had to go in my room an turn on the UPS). I reach home i see most of the lights that are supposed to be on the various devices on except……. my 4-port SpeedTouch Modem. Long story short, adapter for the modem fine.. modem not. Nooooo it had to go beyond that. I turn on my pc BlAcKtOwEr everythign seems fine boots up fine…. i go to login no key’s on the keyboard working. I figure is just the KVM acting up so i fiddle around with the plugs restart PC same thing. I found out that night that PC got hosed also… PS/2 ports gone… LAN port gone…. one of the USB ports gone!!!! We all know how useful a *nix machine is without a NIC :-(. Good thing is though is that the 2 front USB ports work fine I just have to use a USB keyboard/mouse. After plugging in a extra NIC i had for in my pfSense machine BlAcKtOwEr is up an running albeit slightly crippled.
I’m kewl since my machines are back in working order…. somewhat. After turning on everything an taking a final assement of what is what here is what I found:

1. Motherboard bad
2. KVM bad (not sure bout the cables)
3. PS/2 Keyboard bad
4. Slimbay GONE (not sure on the 2.5 HD in it as yet, have to get back my enclosure) This little bugger has served me well!!! it shall be greatly missed.

I’m thinking the surge came in via the phone line; that was the only thing was not protected. In coming in that way it went rhough the LAN ports of the modem to my various PC’s. I’ve tried putting my phone line through the UPS but when i do that I lose line sync, yes i have DSL… Flow hasn’t reached my area as yet :-(. I’m not sure what I’m going to do so I don’t have a repeat of this in the current rain season or even next year. I really don’t want to make this a tradition.

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3 Responses to “Ain’t this a BITCH!!!!”

  1. sucks man.. the ninja rains got you too.

  2. tsk, so it go.. just replace it and move on. I looking at 4 modems on my desk right now, all sabotaged by lightning

    As far as i know, cable doesnt do anything against lightning eithr. So at the end of the day u might lose that $50,000 tv as well as some more pc equipment.

  3. lol hush. When I used to live with my parents in red hills lightning got my equipment so often.. dont fight it. Buy cheap easily replaceable stuff.

    I would have plugged out all phone cables and all power cables only to find the nic and pci slot it was plugged into was fried due to the current induced in a 50ft cable run during a lightning storm.

    Just move to the flats :p

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