Hurricane Dean has passed us….

Dean has passed Jamaica and has left us with quite a mess. If truth be told though Hurricane Ivan was worse…. granted Ivan wasn’t as strong as Dean but to me it caused more damage. Maybe I say that because this time i was in my room which is sort of sheltered from the outside world… I never saw a lot of things that was occurring outside.

It is now Tuesday August 21, 2007 I still have no water nor any light :-(. So by about 7pm I have to start using flashlight to get around my little room. Hopefully by about Thursday or so we get light back so i can start to sleep back in my room. Yes due to the no electricity thing I have been forced to sleep upstairs on the veranda where there is some extremely cooool breeze blowing, if the cot was more comfortable it would be the greatest!!!

Since there were no lights it was hectic driving on the road… no stop light so everyone feels they have the right away. I hope my fellow Caribbeans fare as much or better than we did. As i was driving on the road though I saw more broken tree limbs on the ground then i saw standing upright!!! I even saw some zinc i think that came from Meadowbrook High school wrapped around a JPS pole. Be it garbage collectors or soem other gov’t entity  they sure as hell have ALOT of wood to pick up in the upcoming weeks.

Please let this be the last hurricane for the season…

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2 Responses to “Hurricane Dean has passed us….”

  1. Ivan was definitely worse

  2. dean was worse in my opinion. but every one will have differed opinion.

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