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I Missed You….

Posted in General on Monday, August 27, 2007 by Yatta

From August 19- 26 I’ve been in semi-torture!!! Seven COMPLETE days before I got back light, home was no longer “Home Sweet Home”. I could not sleep in my bed… mainly for 2 reasons:

  1. mosquito
  2. Bumbo #*&^% Heat

As I would lay on my bed I would start to sweat like I did a 5 mile hike… if that wasn’t bad enuff the mosquitoes seemed to be taking part in a Keith Sweat concert near my ears. From Tuesday I would look outside and see little sections at a time of Kingston get back light. Every night I would go to my bed MISERABLE!!!! It reached a point where I put a cot on the veranda and slept outside, the cool breeze was wonderful, even if the cot wasn’t.
Sunday evening at approx. 8:10pm I saw a street light go on…. I was so ecstatic… but then it hit me… I have no light in my house?!?!?!? I turn to look in one of my neighbors direction they have light..kewl… I look in my other neighbor’s direction no light?!?!?! As I surveyed that area a little more i noticed none of the street lights on that end are on either. Now ain’t that some SHIT!!!!!!
Light came on below me, above me and also to the right of me… not a damn thing to the left of me?!?!! Can you say infuriated? I took 3 shirts out of closet and went down the road to a girlfren’s house and ironed.

My eyes began to water though as drove up my street to see LIGHT on in my room!!!!! I was able to use my FAN once again!!!!

Na na na ni boo boo mosquitoes!!!! I have my shield once again…. Muahhaaa……. (devilish snarl)

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