Dash … my new phone

Yes… I have changed my phone once again. I think I’ll be keeping this phone for awhile also. Granted it may not be that much of a upgrade from the T-Mobile MDA that I had but for the past 2 days I’ve been using it I don’t have that many qualms with it. If you do some research on this phone (Dash) it is essentially the more evolved descendent of the MDA. Some would ask me why the change; they have the same processor same camera resolution, same memory specs. Let me answer then… it was mainly the form factor. I found out the MDA was to much of a portable PC then I really needed. If i’m in front of my PC/laptop as often as I am i don’t really need a pocketPC. The nail the shut the coffin was when i really wanted to use the phone I had to slide it open an do what I wanted. At first it was all kewl an stuff but i guess that novelty died after a period of time.

My fren over from Windies Sports, brought the Dash to my attention. From using the a Treo, 9100, and MDA I realized that I prefer the qwerty on the front, since i input data in my phone alot it is easier to use. I’m noticing also that once you learn some of the keyboard shortcuts navigation is quite fast.

Let me point out also… the phone is encased in some form of black rubbery material, gives you the feeling that it won’t easily slip out of hand during normal use. Compared to the other phones I’ve had… this is by far the lightest!!

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5 Responses to “Dash … my new phone”

  1. I have fully decided on the tytn. ineedmy touch screen man.

  2. One of these days I’ll own a smart phone…one day! Looks neat.

  3. Whoa. Beats the hell outta my phone!

  4. Oh, I’m on my own domain now.

    Please edit your blogroll.

  5. Blogroll has been edited

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