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A Proper Vacation… I think?!?!

Posted in General, Personal on Wednesday, August 1, 2007 by Yatta

After working approximately 1 year @ Flow, I decided to take a vacation. I’m not really a vacation type of guy, I’m not into sight seeing, shopping, etc.. most of the stuff that are associated with vacations. Just give me some food and a place to chill and I’m fine.

I ended up going to Club Ambiance in Runaway Bay, yep my girlfriend an I stayed 3 nights and 4 days there. It wasn’t too bad actually, nice quite an relaxing place to stay. I ate an drank to my hearts content.. granted the food part was so-so they catered to the Americans (foreigners) ALOT in respect to the Jamaicans. I ate bacon till mi FOOL!!!!! yea yea yea…. we all know bout the joys of fried bacon.. but dammit man… it was just calling out to me. Wednesday morning was a breakfast for me though.. ackee & saltfish with fried dumplin… the dumplin dem did nice a soft. pssss… the ‘ol dawg in me had a plastic container that was filled with ackee by the time i finished eating breakfast. Don’t worry I was leaving the same day so the ackee neva spoil ( I had a cooler in the car). The alcohol wasn’t too bad… Bob MarleyBob Marley Drink and Flaming Bob MarleyFlaming Bob Marley nice drinks!!! You nouticed the name Flaming Bob Marley!!! granted you can’t see it from this pic (or any other pic that was taken of this drink…. the drink was on FIRE!!!!)

P.S. I’ve been writing this damn ting for about 3 days on/off.. I’ll post now and just update some pics later on.