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Push e-mail … for non-Blacberry

Posted in General on Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Yatta

A few of my fellow techs of hi-tech phones (aka expensive phones :)) that are non-blackberry. We all have various reasons for wanting the phones we own, mainly because of the functionality it gives us in it’s small for factor. One thing I liked with Blackberry was its push e-mail feature… matter of fact that is what made the thing so damn popular. That main reason alone did push me to get a blackberry though, I never relied on email that much to warrant to cost of the blackberry feature added with regular cell phone charges.

In using my phone more and more now…. i noticed it would be nice to have my mail with me as I go (shhhh…. just don’t tell me boss). Yea I know some would say setting up your phone with the pop3 settings of whoever should do the trick and have it check every so often, but hey i wanted to check out some free alternatives to push e-mail. Ok…. Let me admit even though i setup my phone for pop3 access it did not see to work to well. I did a little browsing and found 2 free push e-mail services emoze and consilient. I haven’t tried either one of these but I will… shortly.

It may not be totally free…. but this way youwill not have to pay that ridiculous blackberry feature fee…. you’ll just have to worry about invites.

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