Push e-mail … for non-Blacberry

A few of my fellow techs of hi-tech phones (aka expensive phones :)) that are non-blackberry. We all have various reasons for wanting the phones we own, mainly because of the functionality it gives us in it’s small for factor. One thing I liked with Blackberry was its push e-mail feature… matter of fact that is what made the thing so damn popular. That main reason alone did push me to get a blackberry though, I never relied on email that much to warrant to cost of the blackberry feature added with regular cell phone charges.

In using my phone more and more now…. i noticed it would be nice to have my mail with me as I go (shhhh…. just don’t tell me boss). Yea I know some would say setting up your phone with the pop3 settings of whoever should do the trick and have it check every so often, but hey i wanted to check out some free alternatives to push e-mail. Ok…. Let me admit even though i setup my phone for pop3 access it did not see to work to well. I did a little browsing and found 2 free push e-mail services emoze and consilient. I haven’t tried either one of these but I will… shortly.

It may not be totally free…. but this way youwill not have to pay that ridiculous blackberry feature fee…. you’ll just have to worry about invites.

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5 Responses to “Push e-mail … for non-Blacberry”

  1. One bad thing I see so far with emoze is that it can only do one account at a time 😦
    With that said it is synching my contacts and work e-mail quite well 😀
    I’m happy

  2. You just can’t keep away from your computer, can you? Well I don’t blame you. I’d buy one if I had the money.

  3. so it does push your emails to your cell properly?

  4. Does it push instantly like Blackberry? Where is the hosting done? Can you PIN other users of the same progreamme- like Blackberry?

  5. I’ve about given up on this now.. yatta has made the hype die befor even explaining it.

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