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TV is Back…..

Posted in General on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 by Yatta

How many months have we sat at home waiting for something worthwhile to watch on TV.
TV has returned!!!! It’s a great lineup… Prison Break, Heroe’s, The Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, Stargate Atlantis, House and  maybe Bionic Woman the jury is still out on that one. My hard drive is not going to like me too much after this fall season. Basically all of the above shows are worthy to be archived!!! Prison break is right along the same line as 24… the show BAD!!!!!
The Unit i think is finally getting in its own now… we see that there are some serious big fish that want dismantle The Unit. So far i like how it is going.. but why did they have to change the theme song?!?! The army/marine song was soo kewl for the show…. now they have this… this…. song that i think does nothing for the show. Ooh well I guess the makers must know what they are doing.

I’m catching up on The Unit.. so lata guys.

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Emoze up close

Posted in Computers & Internet, smartphone on Wednesday, October 3, 2007 by Yatta

emoze.logo.jpgSorry for the long delay in writing this, but as you can see I haven’t been blogging that much to begin with. I have grown to like this little app, I like it even more since it is FREE!!! If you have a work account account which is based on Exchange and has web access (OWA ) this is sweet application. There are 2 connection types when you install this app: PC Connector or Global Gateway.