I’m Still Alive….

Bwoy, how long has it been since I wrote in this blog??!?!?! Waaaaayyyy to long if i can say so. I’ve been through alot during this non-blogging state. Which I can’t really blog about.. it’s not that I can;t blog about it.. I just can’t bother to sit here and type that much gibberish.

Fast forwarding to the present, I’ve tried to make a few changes, not all of them good 😦 . I’ve stopped going to company sponsored aerobics class. Since the year has started I’ve been to like ummm… about 4 of the. Yes you read correctly… 4 of them since January!!! I’m ashamed of miself. I may not be putting on back the weight BUT now my belly looks even bigger than before !!!! Since I now have a mirror in my room I’m constantly being reminded of this non-licqour-beer-belly-looking stomach…grrrrrrr…

I have some more stuff to type.. but I’m tired of typing already.

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