Hardy is it worth it?

I’ve upgraded my desktop to Ubuntu Hardy Heron the day it was released no big issues there. So last week I decided to upgrade my Dell D820 work laptop to Hardy… fllllaaawwweeddd plan!! If it’s not the annoying system beep it’s program freezing for now apparent reason. Your special function keys just stop working (you have ANY idea how hard it is to work on some machines without your special keys for eg. caps).

This keyboard thing though seems to be contributed to having VMware installed on your computer. The CTRL, ALT, Shift, etc. keys will stop working on the host machine but will continue to work in the VM machine. After doing some searching I found out that if you run:
You get your stuff back after you type that in. Granted at times you may have to type it in a few times but that is better than rebooting your damn machine.

One Response to “Hardy is it worth it?”

  1. I have Hardy on my desktop, I love it!

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